"Doula"is the Greek word for "Woman's Servant." I serve you from the pre- through postpartum experience.

As a doula of color, I help you feel really seen, meet families where they're at, and bring culturally-sensitive, compassionate support and respect for your traditions and values. Flexibility is my middle name. Not only do I bring deep life experience as the mother of three successfully breastfed children, I understand how to adapt quickly to your changing needs.

In my complimentary consultation with you, we get to know each other. I learn about you, your desires for this pregnancy, and any birth history you would like to share with me. 


Once under contract, we meet twice before labor to get acquainted and define expectations and birth preferences. We may create a birth plan to share with care providers. I share relevant information for your unique needs in pregnancy and childbirth.  

During labor I am fully present, encouraging instinctual comfort measures to physically and emotionally support you. I remain by your side up to two hours after the birth to help you and baby settle into each others' embrace, and to facilitate initial breastfeeding. Finally, I schedule a postpartum visit to admire your forever-changed family, and to review the birth for feedback about your experience utilizing the role of a doula.

A doula DOES NOT perform any medical tasks (eg. examinations, heart rate monitoring, etc.), make decisions on behalf of the laboring mother, or speak to clinical staff about the family's choices.

Fee for birth services $1500.


After birth, I give you the non-medical support you need, so you can feel nurtured in a more satisfying postpartum experience. I provide assurance and perspective, coupled with an extensive understanding of childhood education, attachment parenting, and infant behavior.

Services are $30/hr, and may include the following:

  • free consultation to discuss needs, schedule, and ensure compatibility
  • continuous physical and emotional support (like housework, physical comfort, listening to your birthstory, fears, frustrations, concerns) 
  • infant education and support (assistance with bathing, feeding, and comforting)
  • breastfeeding, supplementing, or bottle feeding support
  • wholesome snack and meal preparation
  • simple housework (laundry, vacuuming, emptying garbage, tidying up, dishes, etc.)
  • referrals to other professionals as needed
  • unlimited phone, text, and email support 


For a warm, safe, comforting birth experience, I bring a Gentle Birth Pool to you. I provide a hygienic set-up and take-down process.

East Bay (Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville, etc.)

Outside East Bay